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North Carolina Eggs

Discover North Carolina eggs and how NC State Extension helps to grow the poultry industry and ensure quality eggs for all. Play Video

Did you know the average North Carolinian consumes more than 250 eggs each year? There are a lot more ways to enjoy eggs than just “scrambled or sunny-side-up.” Eggs are used in an array of cooking, baking and even brewing applications.

Beyond their everyday culinary uses, eggs are an essential part of North Carolina agriculture (USDA egg production annual data). One might say poultry is the golden goose of the animal agriculture industry…

Ken Anderson, NC State Extension poultry specialist and egg aficionado, joins us for this edition of Homegrown. Learn more about how eggs are produced, the evolution of poultry farming systems in our state, and how NC State Extension helps grow the industry and ensure that quality eggs are available for you!

Discover a DIY Eggdicator

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