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North Carolina Dairy Industry Is Grade A

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Got milk? In North Carolina, yes, we do! About 900 million pounds of it annually, in fact. This is a very important statistic given that it takes 25 pounds of whole milk to produce just 1 gallon of ice cream.

North Carolina produces nearly 1 billion pounds of milk each year

Most of the dairy farms in North Carolina are family-owned and operated farms. These farm families often care for more than 300 milk cows, with each cow producing 8 gallons of milk per day. The dairy industry in our state is a thriving business, with milk and milk products contributing around $200 million in farm gate receipts annually.

NC State Extension supports our dairy farmers and the industry through a statewide network of experts and partnerships. Current research and Extension efforts include utilizing new technology that monitors cow health and well-being, exploring practices to increase sustainability and competitiveness of dairy farms, and ongoing innovation related to milk quality, calf nutrition and value-added product development. In short, we grow North Carolina dairy.

Discover more about how NC State is moo-ving the industry forward in our latest video featuring Brittany Whitmire, dairy Extension associate in agricultural and resource economics.

Fun Dairy Facts

Compiled from various sources including the American Dairy Association and NC State Extension

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