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Milk Safety and the N.C. Dairy Industry

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Right now, there are about 45,000 milk cows being milked in North Carolina, which adds up to about a billion pounds of N.C. milk per year! Milk quality in North Carolina is very high for the Southeast region, but many consumers come to Extension with concerns and questions about what dairy products they should drink and the health benefits or implications.

What type of milk should I drink (skim, two-percent or whole milk)? What about organic milk and other milks in the marketplace? Are there antibiotics or artificial growth hormones in my milk?

Shannon Davidson, NC State Extension dairy associate, who works in all areas of N.C. dairy production directly with the farmers, took time to address these topics on milk safety and the N.C. dairy industry. Grab a glass of milk and enjoy!

Hoof it over to NC State Extension’s Dairy Portal website for more information.

Special thanks to The Dairy Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the dairy industry of the Southeast, for their contributions and support of Homegrown and other Extension efforts.

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