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Treating for Mosquitoes While Protecting Pollinators

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Summer means spending more time outside. But your outdoor events may have some uninvited guests—mosquitoes. These buzzing party crashers are more than annoying. Not only do they cause itchy bites, but they can also carry diseases. There’s no doubt about why you’d want to rid your yard of these pests!

There are a few different ways to keep mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor plans. One includes spraying chemicals on vegetation to control mosquito populations. But you may be wondering how these insecticides affect pollinators. And is there a way to balance mosquito control with protecting beneficial insects?

In this episode of In the Garden, join Extension Entomologist Mike Waldvogel as he explains how mosquito insecticidal sprays work. He also provides useful tips on how to apply them without harming pollinators. Find more info on mosquito control from Waldvogel’s blog.

Before spraying for mosquitoes, consider the following:

Got Bees?

Backyard beekeepers and hobbyists should make sure to register your hives, which can help prevent damaging drift of mosquito and pest treatments from nearby businesses. Learn more about how to get started.

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