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N.C. Agriculture: Feeding Families, Growing the Economy

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As more people move to the urban centers of North Carolina, consumers risk losing previously close connections with where their food comes from. While out of sight and out of mind at times, agriculture is ever-present in our daily lives.

And as a $92.7 billion industry, N.C. agriculture should never be taken for granted. Agriculture remains North Carolina’s biggest economic driver, employing 17% of the state’s workforce, while feeding, fueling and clothing people around the world.

“No farms, no food” is just the tip of the iceberg. Agriculture benefits everyone in many ways, every day.

Join Ryan Adams with NC State Extension as he shares why agriculture is important to everyone in our state, not just the 47,000 farms who supply most of the foods in our local grocery stores.

5 Fast Facts | N.C. Agriculture

Picture of the cover for a booklet titled, "Economic Contribution of North Carolina Agriculture and Agribusiness"
Discover more about the reach and value of North Carolina agriculture in this pocket booklet, “Economic Contribution of North Carolina Agriculture and Agribusiness,” or at Extension Stats and Strengths.

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