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“I Love Farming”: Extension and the Small Farmer

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North Carolina is home to more than 47,000 farms, while agriculture contributes $91.8 billion to the North Carolina economy each year. Many of these farms are small, family-owned operations like Terry Moffitt’s Tater Hill Farm. And with the growth of the local food movement, small farmers are seeing more opportunities to market their produce.

N.C. Cooperative Extension, a partnership between NC State and N.C. A&T State universities, along with county governments, is a key resource for Terry and other small farms across the state. With the help of Jeff Vance, Extension director in Mitchell County, Terry has been able to diversify his crops for year-round availability. Extension continues to help Terry each year with his farm by taking soil samples and helping him prepare for the growing season.

I love farming. I always did. I like to grow my own vegetables and that way you know what you’re eating.

Many farmers like Terry love to grow their own food, regardless of the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. Extension is a resource that can help small farmers grow their passion for farming into a successful business. There are 101 Extension centers in North Carolina, one in each county, staffed with local experts and resources available for our farmers and communities.

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Special thanks to Terry Moffitt and Tater Hill Farm for sharing their time and passion for farming with us! Tater Hill Farm is located in Bakersville, North Carolina, where it has been family owned and operated for 70 years.

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