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Growing Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps

Harvested peas still in the pod are displayed in small boxes for market. Play Video

Peas are a staple in every southern kitchen and many different varieties can be grown right here in North Carolina. English peas are the most prevalent variety, but snow peas and sugar snaps are fairly common too—and they’re easy to grow!

As seen in the fan-favorite NC State Extension and UNC-TV partner project “Almanac Gardener,” Area Agent and Environmental Educator Bill Lord explains the different kinds of peas you can grow in your own garden.

Peas are a spring crop that germinates best at about 70 degrees.

Snow peas have a characteristic flat pod. This spring crop doesn’t like hot weather, and germinates best at about 70 degrees fahrenheit, so it’s perfect to plant around February.

This crispy legume—which is relatively expensive in the store—goes perfect on salads, stir fries, or even on its own!

Another kind of pea you can plant in your garden is sugar snaps. This is also a spring crop that prefers cool weather to germinate.

Sugar snaps, unlike snow peas, have a rather large pod. When ripe they are crisp, crunchy and sweet, and both the pod and the pea can be eaten as is—although it is also extremely delicious in other kinds of dishes.

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