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Tips for Starting a Container Garden

No yard? No problem.

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You can grow potatoes on your porch, strawberries on your stoop, cilantro on your sill or tomatoes on your…top step. Who said a backyard is required to start a home garden anyway?

One of the simplest and most versatile ways to grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs is to start a container garden.

While it’s especially handy if you live in an area where traditional gardening isn’t an option — like some apartments, condos or even places where the soil isn’t suitable — container gardening offers plenty of perks to plant lovers of all types.

Watch as Extension’s gardening guru, Jeana Myers, shares tips that will help you jumpstart your container garden in no time. Happy gardening!

  • Make sure your containers have holes in the bottom. This allows the excess water to drain so your roots won’t drown.
  • Use potting soil. It can be more expensive, but potting soil is the best option for your container garden (it can last two to three years).
  • Buy a pot that is proportional to the size of your plant. This is especially important with bigger plants to leave plenty of room for the roots to grow.
  • Opt for plastic pots. Clay pots can be used for container gardening, but they dry out much faster, so you’ll have to water your plants more often.

If you have questions or need a helping hand from the experts, contact your local N.C. Cooperative Extension center and an agent will assist you.

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