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Standards and Guidelines

I’m excited to introduce a video series, called Homegrown, that NC State Extension and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) have created to reconnect people with the food, landscapes and agriculture of North Carolina.

The primary objective of Homegrown is to raise the awareness and value of Extension, particularly among new audiences in our urban/suburban communities of North Carolina. The series features short, informative YouTube videos that present practical solutions – backed by science – to timely, relevant issues impacting our audience.

Every month, Homegrown shares new videos highlighting tips and tools from Extension’s subject-matter experts. Segments illustrate “how-to” guidance and information on home horticulture and gardening; N.C. agriculture and our food systems; and the safe preparation and preservation of the foods we love.

I appreciate your participation and support of the program, and encourage you to take advantage of Homegrown resources while helping promote the series in your local efforts. Review this page for an overview of Homegrown and the video standards and guidelines.

Rich Bonanno
Director, NC State Extension
Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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Video Guidelines

Homegrown will produce at least three (3) new videos per month – one for each main segment category – with final video topics determined by a program planning committee with input from employees and viewers.

Video Topics Criteria

Homegrown addresses consumer needs by leveraging our Extension network of expertise; our goal is not to provide program overviews, but to present practical tips and tools that will benefit people in their daily lives. We provide “everyday solutions for everyday lives.”

We’ve developed a topics rubric, or checklist, to help guide our videos.

When considering a story or topic idea for Homegrown, always start by running it through these questions to determine if a topic is a good fit:

Ready to share a segment idea for Homegrown? Submit your topics here!

Segment Categories

Segments are grouped into three categories: In The Garden, In The Kitchen and On The Farm.

Length and Tone

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Submitting Segment Ideas & Videos

Follow the link below to let us know if you would like Homegrown to address a specific topic in one of our videos. Please share as many details as possible, including the Extension expert(s) that would be featured, topic overview, potential dates and locations, and the target timeframe to launch the final video.

If you already have a video that you’d like us to consider featuring, include a link in the contact form to view it on YouTube, or let us know who to contact to access the video.

When creating or submitting your own videos, be mindful of the Homegrown video guidelines summarized on this page, as well as our NC State Extension brand standards.

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Meet the Homegrown Team

A Homegrown planning team meets regularly to review content and production plans, develop marketing and promotional efforts, and chart the course for this groundbreaking Extension video series. The team collectively guides the direction of the program to ensure alignment with Extension/CALS strategic priorities and to help drive long-term success for Homegrown.

Marketing Resources

Discover additional tools to help you promote Homegrown and raise awareness of Extension in your community through this series.

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