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Selecting the Right Houseplant

Various green house plants beside a window Play Video

Houseplants offer homeowners flexibility, whether the plants are perennial favorites kept indoors or colorful annuals placed on an outdoor patio. Planting in containers allows a gardener to easily make changes in location if sunlight or temperatures do not encourage plant growth. In return, container plants not only improve air quality, they also help to enhance the visual interest of a home.

What type of houseplants should I get?

The possibilities are endless with new exciting plant varieties that thrive in the home and the bounty of beautiful containers that can be found at local retailers and garden centers. But don’t fret, Homegrown is here to help. Our video with Diane Mays, NC State research specialist in horticultural science, is sown with facts and tips to help you select the best houseplants for your home.

Grow your knowledge even more by referring to the Plants Grown in Containers chapter of the North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook.