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Real or Fake? In North Carolina, Real Trees Win

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Aahhh. The fragrance of a fresh cut Christmas tree. It is a simple pleasure of the holiday season that no candle or room refresher can replace.

Across our state, the end of November signals the start of tree selling season – a span of a few weeks where North Carolina’s 850 Christmas tree farmers generate the revenue from an entire year’s worth of work. Many of the trees they sell have been a “work in progress” for these farmers for as many as 10 to 15 years.

NC State Extension has a long history of working with our Christmas tree industry, helping to build our state into the 2nd largest tree producing state in the nation. Join us on Homegrown to take a quick look at the North Carolina Christmas tree industry, then head out to claim your live tree today.

For more information on N.C. Christmas trees, visit NC State Extension’s Christmas tree site and follow the team on Facebook for more helpful holiday tips.

Perfecting the Fraser Fir

Over the years, the White House has selected a North Carolina Fraser fir for its annual Christmas Tree. But what does it take to produce a Grand Champion Christmas Tree? The secret comes from NC State.

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