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Planting Fruit Trees in the Home Landscape

Winter Is the Ideal Time to Get Started

Peaches hanging on a branch of a peach tree with a blurred background of a house and clear blue sky. Play Video

Have you ever been at home and had a craving for crisp apples, sweet peaches or other fresh fruits? Maybe you want to make a pie, or maybe you want to savor the sweet taste of summer straight from the source, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just stroll over to a veritable fruit factory in your own back yard?

Consider planting your own fruit trees at home so they are available anytime! Many fruit trees can be easy to grow and add an extra aesthetic to your home landscape. One particularly appealing benefit of growing your own fruit trees is that you can harvest the fruits at their peak freshness.

It’s important to take the time to identify appropriate fruit tree varieties for your area up front. Some trees are low-maintenance and require less attention than others, but you need to consider environmental factors like soil type, lighting, temperature and the overall space required. If cared for properly, fruit trees will thrive and reward your efforts for many years.

Watch as Mike Parker, tree fruit horticulture specialist with NC State Extension, discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that gardeners encounter when selecting, planting and maintaining fruit and nut trees in North Carolina. Don’t forget to contact your N.C. Cooperative Extension county center for free, local expertise and support.

View the Tree Fruit and Nuts chapter for expert guidance on picking the right fruit trees for your home and the proper ways to care for them.

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