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The Future of North Carolina Agriculture (Part II)

What does the future hold for the state's top industry?

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Farmers form the backbone of North Carolina’s $92.7 billion agriculture and agribusiness industry, driving the state’s top economic engine and feeding our families. They’re also living in a world of constant change — from shifting populations and industry regulations to evolving technology and market demands — all while navigating the economic rip currents caused by COVID-19.

What emerging opportunities and trends do industry leaders see as keys to long-term success? And what are NC State Extension and research doing to help position farmers and consumers for a bright future?

“Having fewer farmers on less land, providing food for a growing population on this planet, is no small task. It cannot be taken for granted.”
~ Rich Bonanno

Dr. Rich Bonanno, director of NC State Extension and a lifelong farmer, knows a thing or two about agriculture, having spent most of his life in the field, in the lab and in pursuit of partnerships to support the industry. He joins Homegrown as part of our two-segment series looking at the past, present and future of N.C. agriculture.

Watch and learn how Extension is driving innovation and research for our state, helping farmers prepare for the future, and transforming science into solutions for families and communities across North Carolina.

This segment was developed in conjunction with the Farms, Food and You podcast series — listen to the podcast to hear what farmers and others have to say about the future of the industry!

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