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Missing Your Taco Tuesday?

Make your own Mexican-inspired feast at home

A woman wearing an apron is smiling while standing at her kitchen counter with ingredients for a taco salad laid out. The words "Taco Salad" are displayed across the image. Play Video

Stay-at-home orders have changed our lives for the short-term, but they present us with a unique opportunity to find new and delicious ways to eat healthier from our own kitchen. In fact, while Americanized versions of Hispanic foods tend to be covered in heavy cheeses, sauces and gravies, authentic foods are typically lighter and healthier and feature fresh veggies and seasonings.

This week, retool your favorite Taco Tuesday outing into a Mexican-inspired, homemade feast for your family with this Homegrown episode, featuring Dr. Carolyn Dunn from NC State’s Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences, as she makes her own special “healthy-ish” taco salad. Buen provecho!

Visit the Med Instead of Meds website to find additional Mexican-themed dishes to round out your feast – delicious sides like black bean salsa, chili-lime salad and additional festive entrees like fish tacos and black bean burritos.

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