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Growing Fruit Trees in North Carolina

An NC State Extension expert is standing with a student in front of apple trees at an orchard in North Carolina. Play Video

Who doesn’t love a crisp apple, juicy peach or a perfect pear? These and other popular fruit trees, like fig or persimmon, are staples of summer. They also provide an important boost to the North Carolina economy, all thanks to small and family farms.

Apples alone generate tens of millions of dollars. North Carolina produces 98 million pounds of apples each year, good for No. 8 in the country. It’s not quite the same as growing money on trees, but it’s pretty close.

But what all goes into growing these trees? Watch as Mike Parker, horticulture science associate professor and NC State Extension tree fruit specialist, shares more about the challenges our growers overcome to make sure store shelves, market stalls and a plethora of products have plentiful fresh fruit.

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