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On The Farm

Supporting Local Businesses During the Holidays

Two women looking at a green holiday wreath hanging on a rack. Play Video

As you go about your holiday planning and shopping this year, don’t forget about the many businesses and agribusinesses in North Carolina that make their living solely on locally produced and sourced materials.

In this On the Farm segment, Homegrown visits Sanderson Wreaths in Four Oaks, North Carolina, to learn about how they’re using local products from North Carolina farms to create beautiful works of art for your holiday.

There are many different ways to think about “buying local.” For NC State Extension, supporting local means becoming a patron for businesses where products are grown, processed or manufactured, and sold in state, regardless of business size. Read more about “local” from our Local Foods program.

The team has released a short documentary about the importance of small farmers to the success of North Carolina’s culinary destinations and the vibrancy of rural communities: Behind our Local Food: Fork to Farmer.

The film explores a different kind of economy that relies on producers and consumers cherishing the knowledge, values and stories behind their products. Listen to community partners, including chefs and farmers, who share their rich insight and experiences.

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