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Rainbow Pita Pockets

Close up of hands holding a pita pocket with cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese and lettuce as the filling. Play Video

Creating nutritious snacks doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. In this episode of In the Kitchen, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program assistant Natema Drummond demonstrates how to turn a few ingredients into a quick snack that covers all of the food groups. Rainbow pita pockets aren’t just healthy and quick—they’re also great if you’re on the go.

This simple recipe calls for just six ingredients: pita bread, whole-leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese, turkey deli meat, and low-fat ranch dressing. Cutting the pita bread in half creates a pocket that’s perfect for making a self-contained sandwich. Simply slice cherry tomatoes in half lengthwise, and add them along with the other the ingredients to the pita. Top with some ranch dressing for a creamy kick and your snack is ready to go!


Rainbow Pita Pockets


2 servings


15 min


  • 1 whole-grain pita bread
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sliced deli meat
  • Shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese
  • Whole leaf lettuce
  • Low-fat light ranch dressing


  1. Cut a few tomatoes lengthwise.
  2. Peel of a leaf or two of lettuce.
  3. Cut pita bread in half and open to form a pocket.
  4. Tear a leaf of lettuce to size and stuff inside the pita pocket.
  5. Add tomatoes, cheese and meat.
  6. Drizzle ranch on top.
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More easy, healthful recipes are available from the North Carolina Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program.

This segment of Homegrown In the Kitchen was filmed in the Dinah E. Gore Teaching and Research Kitchens at NC State University. This state-of-the-art kitchen complex was designed to enhance and extend our work in teaching, research and Extension.

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