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How to Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

A smiling woman examines soil up close in her hands while gardening. Play Video

If you’ve ever grown your own vegetables and fruits in your garden or been curious about exploring a more sustainable life, NC State Extension has a program for you.

The NC State Extension Master Gardener℠ program was developed to empower North Carolina residents to cultivate their own healthy gardens by teaching them safe practices. The volunteers of this program work hard to provide educational resources and free services to reach local communities across the state.

Angela Griffin, a Master Gardener volunteer, shares how becoming a volunteer helped her feel more accomplished about leading a plant-based, sustainable life.

To become a Master Gardener volunteer, you can call your local N.C. Cooperative Extension Center to receive an application. After that, applicants receive rigorous training provided by NC State Extension from September through March. The course ensures that volunteers get all of the research-based information they need to help others.

Once their training is complete, each volunteer will complete a 40-hour internship in the community. This may include working at the fair, assisting with questions through the phone service, and even working at schools, churches or other community centers.

If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener volunteer or have any questions about gardening or other practices, learn more about the NC State Extension Master Gardener program.

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