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A woman's hands lathered with soap under a running water faucet in a kitchen sink.

Proper Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer Use

Find a to-the-point tutorial on proper handwashing practices and hand sanitizer use for disease prevention and control.

Spring Cleaning and Safety at Home

There's a reason it's called "spring cleaning," and given current circumstances in communities across the country, there's an added sense of urgency to sanitize everything in sight. But where to begin? We've compiled some clips to help keep your home spick and span (and safe) during all of that social distancing!

Learn and Explore

Discover the latest findings for the kitchen, garden and farm right here. We’ll share tasty, nutritious recipes and safe food prep tips; show you what’s in season and how it’s grown; and help you learn where your food comes from and what it takes to feed North Carolina.

In the Garden

From growing your own produce to composting your kitchen scraps, we’ll take you through the finer points of putting your green thumb to good use. Go ahead, get your hands dirty.

In the Kitchen

Join us in the kitchen as we share nutritious recipes, expert cooking advice and food preservation tips to help you make the most of all our state offers.  

On the Farm

We have a rich agricultural history in North Carolina, and the typical family farm is growing and changing all the time! Come with us as we meet some of the folks who are ensuring our food’s future.